Is a sub 10 hour Ironman possible.....

Is a sub 10hr IM possible, training less than 10 hours a week for less than 10 weeks.... With no significant base????

Friday, July 22, 2011


I was undecided on weather I was going to be including Yoga, and races as part of the ten hours per week.  I have decided that I will.  I am racing a local sprint Triathlon tomorrow.  It should take around an hour and will be included in my total allotted training time, as will my yoga practice.


Awesome vinyasa flow yoga class at 6am!!
Total training time today-1 hour.


B- Half a dozen protein pancakes.  (used peanut butter and applesauce instead of syrup)
L- Turkey sandwich (whole grain bread, 6 slices turkey, spinach, tomato, cheese, mustard)
S- Handful of almonds
D-  Although I haven't had dinner yet, I always have the same meal the night before I race..... 2 Jimmy Johns #12's w/no mayo and two beers.  I am not sure what my beer selection will be just yet.......

Do you have a specific pre-race meal????
If so what is it??

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  1. Good luck tomorrow! I'm diggin this approach to IM.