Is a sub 10 hour Ironman possible.....

Is a sub 10hr IM possible, training less than 10 hours a week for less than 10 weeks.... With no significant base????

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I will be taking my first true vacation in over a year this coming weekend to attend a good friends wedding in Chicago.  This will no doubt wreck all of the hard work from this past week.  I will try my best to track all caloric intake over the next 96 hours, but I have the feeling that I may be a little embarrassed to display it on a public forum as most of it will be liquid based!

7:45am- Crossfit WOD (101 Pull ups, squat jumps, push ups, box jumps & kettlebell swings, with 3 burpees every 2 minutes.... While wearing a weight vest)
Total time-23:32

5:45pm - Open water swim; 7x2 minutes at sprint race pace with 1 minute recovery. 
Total swim time- 23 minutes.

6:30pm- Bike; 15 minute warm up, 5 x 3 1/2 minute hill repeats on an 8% grade.  12 minute cool down.
Total bike time- 59 minutes.

6:30am- black coffee, cliff bar
7:45am- CF WOD
8:30am- Mix 1
10:15am- 6 eggs, 1 piece wheat toast
1:00pm small bowl of granola cereal, half cup skim milk
3:30pm- Turkey and bacon sandwich
8:00pm- Chipotle steak fajita burrito, a few chips with guac.

My body feels quite beat up right now.  My intention was to swim at a moderate level but had an chance to swim with Pro triathlete Jordan Jones from Colorado based team Riptide Multisports, and couldn't pass it up.  I am quite sure that my sprint effort was his moderate, but it is always beneficial to train with better athletes. 
Ironic thing was by random chance I ran into Tyler Vollz who is ALSO a member of Riptide while on my 3rd hill repeat.  On a mountain bike he gave me a decent run for my money!!!  Luckily I was on the Valdora "Black Pearl"  which climbs like a billy goat!   Sorry T-VO  not this time!

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