Is a sub 10 hour Ironman possible.....

Is a sub 10hr IM possible, training less than 10 hours a week for less than 10 weeks.... With no significant base????

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

wednesday 7/20

Run @ 10:30am

warm up- 500m row, 1 mile moderate pace (7:15 average)
Main set- 6x800m @ 5k race pace (each were between 2:54 & 2:59)
Send off on 4 minutes

Total training time:  36 minutes

B-handful of almonds / black coffee
S- Mix 1 protein drink
PTR- Mix 1 protein drink
L- half dozen scrambled eggs, 1 piece wheat toast w/PB
D- Half a chicken, 1/2 pound raw baby spinich, 1 medium baked sweet potato, 1 cup applesauce
My fridge is bare right now, I need to do some shopping.  Planning your days nutrition is imperative for an athletes success.  Thank goodness for Mix 1, I likely wouldn't have made it through that track session without it!!


  1. That's A LOT of eggs! I find this very cool though.

  2. Robin- I posted prior to dinner yesterday. From now on I will be posting the next morning. I was just excited!!

    Hayden- I was hungry!!