Is a sub 10 hour Ironman possible.....

Is a sub 10hr IM possible, training less than 10 hours a week for less than 10 weeks.... With no significant base????

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Race Week! 8/8-8/14

I am racing a 70.3 in Utah this weekend.  I had hoped to focus on it but I will be training through in pursuit of the bigger picture.... SUB 10!

5:30a-Quaker oatmeal, 1 tbs P.B.
7:00a- 2 cups black coffee
10:00a- 2 turkey burger patties w/ cheese
2:00p.- fish taco w/ guacamole
8:00p- 1/4 Chicken, salad, applesauce, quinoa

12:00p- Open water swim, 30 minutes
5:00p- Dead lifts 5-4-3-2-1  max at 325lb    8 minutes

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  1. Fish taco! Me gusto mucho! So are you planning on pulling back on your training this week or is it business as usual? Also, are you going hard during the race or using it as training? I guess I'm asking for your race plan / goal.